We take pleasure in introducing our company Akthel Healthcare B.V. to you. We are a leading supplier of therapeutic systems for treatment of patients with severe burns, Bed sores and other wounds, as well as patients recovering from (plastic) surgery.

Our company is established, organised and based in the Netherlands, close to the Belgian and German borders, and is manufacturing FLUIDOS™ Air Fluidisation Beds with a unique and patented

dehumidification system and LCD touch screen.

The FLUIDOS™ Air Fluidisation Therapy Bed, is completely produced in The Netherlands, using state of the art technology. Certified This FLUIDOS™ Air Fluidisation Therapy Bed is CE category I certified and used in dozens of hospitals and burn centres in The Netherlands and exported to numerous countries all over the world.

The main application for which the FLUIDOS™ Air Fluidisation Therapy Bed is used is for treatment of patients with severe burn wounds. Other applications of the Bed are:


  • Burn Patients
  • Patients with decubitus/ bed sores wounds
  • Patients with various other kinds of wounds
  • Patients recovering from plastic, cardiac and cardio-vascular and orthopaedic surgery
  • Patients recovering from neurological treatment, dermatological treatment or other treatments
  • Oncology patients
  • Immobilised patients
  • Pain reduction

The Fluidisation Principle

The patient is supported on a layer of minuscule soda lime beads suspended in an air flow, resulting in a fluidising medium. The layer is covered by a polyester filter sheet which is permeable for air, vapours and (body) fluids. The patient floats in the “dry fluid” of microspheres, as the viscosity of the fluidising soda lime beads is 1.2 compared to water.

Therefore the contact pressure is considerably below capillary closing levels, resulting in an unrestricted blood circulation to and around the affected areas.

Furthermore, the healthy tissue is protected by the drying effect of the skin

and the evaporation of body fluids. Bacteria growth is therefore eliminated

due to the lack of a humid culture medium.

The Dehumidification System

Within the FLUIDOS™ Air Fluidisation Therapy Bed we have incorporated a unique dehumidification module, operating according to the condensation principle. Patient moisture and body fluids (such as perspiration, wound exudates, urine and blood) are collected as a condensate in the two-compartment dehumidification module and then heated in a “pressure cooker”-environment which kills all bacteria, followed by the evaporation of remaining fluids into the room.

The use of the dehumidification system will result in a number of advantages, of which the most important are listed below:

  • The lack of a humid environment results in a minimal risk of cross infection, because the continuous low relative humidity of the soda lime beads prevents the formation of matrix cultures for micro-organisms.
  • The dehumidification module also allows for dehydration of the air used for fluidisation; the resulting dry air guarantees an optimal fluidisation effect at a minimum patient contact pressure, far below capillary closing levels. This means that the FLUIDOS™ Air Fluidisation Therapy Bed dries the air perfectly in rooms with ambient temperatures up to 30°C and a relative humidity of up to 60 %.
  • Another important advantage of the built-in dehumidification module is resulting in a cooling effect on the soda lime beads within a temperature range of 26°C to 38°C. Due to precise equipment, it is possible to set the temperature very accurate with intervals of ± 1° C. The temperature on the LCD display reflects the actual temperature of the soda lime beads.
  • A practical benefit (due to the dehydration of moisture from the soda lime beads) is that the filling of the soda lime beads requires less replacement and/or refilling. The few clotted particles (which

always will exist) can be sieved and removed after each treatment in a special sieve.

Other Features:

  • In emergency situations, the fluidisation can be stopped immediately, resulting in a solid surface and enabling interventions such as CPR.
  • Audible and visible alarm system for soda lime beads to reach an unlikely temperature of 40°C and automatic shut-off.
  • Automatic restarting system of 30 minutes after failure of main power or switch-off by the nurse.
  • Overload protection for double stage air compressor, condensing unit and heating system in combination with a soft-start unit.

With this patient and nursing staff friendly Therapy System, Akthel is making a decisive contribution to the Health Care Service treatment of severe burns, bed sores (decubitus) and other indications as mentioned previously.


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