The AEROS1 Low Air-Loss Mattress System consists of a special mattress and an air compressor with control unit and built-in battery back-up unit.

This system is portable and extremely suitable for all types of ICU-Beds and burned patients, as it prevents bed sores, allows for cooling and drying the skin because of the Low Air-Loss effect, and also offers comfort to the patient due to a built in battery back-up unit which has a capacity of minimal 90 minutes (depending on pressure setting).

This facilitates usage of the AEROSô in case of power failure or during patient transport.

This Mattress System is a portable Low Air-Loss Therapy System. The mattress itself consists of 18 individual air sacks and replaces the conventional hospital mattress. The standard hospital bed is used as a basis. There are two types of matrasses available which are both compatible with the same compressor unit. The standard matrass for backside positioned patients and the prone position matrass for patients positioned on their front side. The backside positioned matrass is standard included.

A special mattress cover is used, made of polyester and is permeable for air and vapours but not permeable for fluids. Due to minuscule holes in this cover a drying effect exists on the patient’s skin. The special type polyester mattress cover offers low friction and prevents skin maceration.

The Low Air-Loss Therapy is achieved by releasing air under low pressure through minuscule openings in the air sacks, creating a continuous air flow around the patient, and thus creating a true support below capillary closing levels (approx. 25 mm Hg.).

Selection touch buttons with pre-set pressure values allow for an increase in pressure in relation with the patient’s weight or when nursing patients in a side lying or in a sitting position and for achieving maximum pressure for easy nursing of the patient. As soon as the hospital bed is moved into a sitting position of more than 45°, the mattress automatically selects “seat” – mode, so the patient will not touch the hospital bed.

Furthermore this system is equipped with an electronic sensor for automatic pressure monitoring within the whole mattress, resulting in a very low noise level of the compressor motor and an accurate pressure regulation compensating for different patient weights for which the AEROSô can be adjusted by entering the patient weight into the memory.

Accessories AEROS1ô Low Air-Loss Mattress System:

  • Rapid CPR function allows deflation of the air sacks within seconds;
  • Computerised control panel with clear read out of pressure setting, air temperature setting,
  • Patient weight and functions like CPR, side lying, seat compensation and maximum pressure;
  • Built in air pressure sensor controlling the air compressor automatically;
  • Air mattress complete with hoses, 18 air sacks, 2 side air sacks, 1 washable mattress cover (which is air and moisture/vapour permeable, but not permeable to fluids);
  • Mattress divided into 5 sections;
  • Two types of matrasses; backside positioned and prone positioned.
  • Automatic seat-mode with automatic seat compensation;
  • Side-lying mode;
  • Maximum pressure mode;
  • Maximum patient weight: 150 kg
  • Built in battery back up system for transport (minimum 90 minutes);
  • Fixation strips to affix the air mattress onto the bed frame;
  • Power supply cable;
  • User´s manual.

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