About Akthel Healtcare BV

Akthel Healthcare is best known by the production of the Fluidos beds. A high standard Fluidization therapy bed. Later on started the production of the low air loss system Aeros 1 and Xilos. The development of these anti-decubitus systems has ensured that Akthel Healthcare has become a well known name in the national and international market.


All the products of Akthel Healthcare are developed in cooperation with healthcare professionals.  After extensive clinical testing, the products are manufactured at our location in Eindhoven. Our products are tailored to the daily practice and use for everyday applications.


By listening to users and professionals, we can apply the most advanced materials that improve comfort. All our products are tested well, both in domestic as well as abroad.


Akthel Healtcare products are guaranteed safe and hygienic to use. The products are CE certified and are manufactured according to the latest applicable NEN standards.

Reducing pressure

A keyword within the anti-decubitus care. We produce products which aim to achieve optimal pressure distribution. Based on the advanced Low Air-Loss technology we produce and deliver the Aeros1 and Xilos Low Air Loss Mattress system.


Through our prompt service and the high quality of our products we take utmost care of everything. How do we do that? By listening as closely as possible to your needs and those of the patient.

Our vision is it that we always want to improve the quality of life of the patient. We like to think along with you and help you in managing your targeted anti-decubitus policy. The expert staff of Akthel Healtcare are also aware of the latest developments and latest products. So you can focus primarily on your goals.