About Akthel Healtcare BV

Akthel Healthcare was established in august 2015. In this year Akthel Healthcare BV took over all the activities of Redactron International B.V. This company was established in 1987 in the village of Eersel, The Netherlands, close to the Belgian and German borders. In 1987 the first models of the Fluidos Air Fluidisation Therapy Beds were designed and tested. New solutions for old problems aroused the interest of the market and made it necessary to take the Bed into production rapidly with success.

Many aspects of the Air Fluidisation Therapy Bed are patented world-wide and therefore unique, like the active cooling system and the unique dehumidification system, which dehumidificates the air used for fluidisation and also collects, condensates and evaporates body fluids of a patient (blood, perspiration, urine, wound exudate, etc.).

This type of Bed is being used for patients with severe burns, bed sores, wounds from (plastic) surgery or oncology, terminal cancer and AIDS-patients.

Several product improvements due to Customers requests and new technologies available led to the current version of the Fluidos Air Fluidisation Therapy Bed. Since then we manufactured hundreds of these types of beds, both for their home market (which is typically a rental market) as well as for export world wide.

During the years product developments set forth, like the Low Air-Loss Therapy. Akthel Healtcare has in its product programme a number of different Low Air-Loss Mattress Systems which are portable and which can be used to replace the conventional hospital mattress, therefore using the hospital bed as the basis. Akthel Healthcare has a broad line of effective solutions available.

With this approach during the last years Akthel Healtcare B.V.. has developed itself to a specialist in the prevention and treatment in wound care, especially pressure sores and severe burns.

Akthel Healthcare B.V. offers a large selection of effective solutions:

  • Air Fluidisation Therapy Beds
  • Low Air-Loss Mattress Systems
  • Low Air-Loss Mattress Systems for Prone-Positioning
  • Anti-Decubitus Foam Mattresses
  • Standard Foam Mattresses
  • Special Cushions

Nowadays Akthel Healtcare is playing a leading role within The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg but is also exporting to numerous countries world-wide.

The company philosophy is to develop and to manufacture the ideal therapeutic systems which are making decisive contributions to the support of patients with severe burns and pressure sores.

The Akthel Healthcare experience, reputation and production / technical facilities guarantee a fast and reliable service.